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Professional Guidance

Top 10 Productivity and Skill Development Applications for Law Students and Lawyers

Skill development is a very essential part of one’s life. Having a unique and useful permutation of different skills is what gives one an edge over others. Skill development is also the most productive and wise method of time utilization. At times, we all are very occupied with our primary work to concentrate on the development of other additional skills. 
So, here I bring to you the Top 10 Applications which could help one to improve, develop, and excel in less than ten minutes, if used daily. Most of these applications are free of cost and tackle different areas of productivity from knowledge enhancement, language improvement to even ensuring that you adhere to a daily routine.  

By: Anjali Singhvi

1. The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary

At any point, we all need to brush up our vocabulary and it is pertinent to know and enhance our diction. Good vocabulary puts forward a good impression, and learning words daily is the best way to improve learning capacity and enhancing memory along with understanding usage. This GRE app asks the user to revise all the words learned previously before moving forward. GRE word list is the basic word list that one must know and could be used in daily lives. As you move forward the level of words also starts increasing resulting in better results. 

Cover art
The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary


2. AnyBooks

Reading is essential but not all of us have access to all the books we plan on reading. This has become particularly difficult with the closing of shops and online delivery systems amid the Covid-19 outbreak. This application is a solution to the problem. One can download a variety of books on this app and even enjoy it while one is offline. The application puts forward clear demarcations on the different genres of books. It makes reading before one sleeps, easy and enjoyable. The app requires a payment of Rs. 620 for downloading, however no addictional payment is required afterwards, while the user is able to access millions of books.

Cover art


3. Cure Fit

Staying fit is essential for mental health and overall productivity. To kick down your laziness, the best way is to find a mentor for yourself, who can keep check of your sleep and eating habits along with workout sessions. This application proves to fulfil all the requirements one required, let it be mentoring or simply help follow a routine and discipline our lives. 

Cover art
Cure Fit


4. Bar & Bench

Lawyers are known for their deep understanding and vast knowledge. Having updated legal knowledge and being aware of latest precedents is vital. This application helps one to know the recent amendments and orders passed, judgments and opinions. Reading material here gives a person edge over others. The information is authentic and the opinions of various acclaimed professionals of the legal fraternity can also be found here. 

Cover art
Bar and Bench


5. Phrasal Verbs

Not only words but a law student or professional must know how to convey their intention with the use of fewer words. What’s a better thing other than using phrases? Since the oldest of times, phrases have been a mark of good usage and help one to project a well-read image. 

This app helps the user to know and be aware of different phrases along with giving examples so to help in understanding and facilitating in its application.

Cover art
Phrasal Verbs


6. Haiku JAM

A person must have the skill to express with few words. The profession of law requires a certain knack for wordplay. This application helps you write on different topics and assist you to connect with new individuals, intellects, and opinions. The formation of bonding over words happen here. The app has been found to be particularly helpful for enhancing creativity and taking care of one’s mental health.

Cover art


7. TEDx

Knowing oneself and being motivated is important for one’s growth and success. This application provides various persons sharing their experience and perspectives in a range of subjects. The collections of talks can help inspire you, enhance your knowledge and also help you learn from the achievements and experiences of these speakers.

Cover art


8. World Map Quiz

Knowing different countries and their location can be fun at times. We all plan to travel know different countries and but do we enough about these countries? So here is this application which helps you locate different countries along with helping you trigger your memory. As a law student, letting your brain exercise is important to sharpen its faculties and letting it work for longer hours. This application helps one locate the countries and give an out of box activity to our daily routines.

Cover art
World Map Quiz


9. Duolingo

Knowing languages always adds to your CV. It always gives a person an edge over other candidates. Learning languages in itself is fun and helpful. It gives the person the confidence of doing something out of the box and something which adds to the personality. The feeling and vibe of knowing different languages give a person inherent confidence. This application helps one learn different languages. Communicating and learning a new way of expression always enhance your understanding and approach towards life and different things. 

Cover art


10. Smart Puzzles Collection

Solving puzzles and exercising your brain is always important. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This application gives you easy puzzles which helps one to refresh from his/her normal mainstream work that might mundane at times and helps activate his/her mind for better results. Scientifically, puzzles have always proved helpful and result in enhancing IQ and grasping power.

Cover art
Smart Puzzles Collection


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