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Internship Experiences

Internship Experience under Adv. Satyendra Agrawal

Details of the Student

Name: Ankita Nandi

College: Kingston Law College (KEI), Kolkata 

Year of Study: 3rd Year of B.A.LL.B. 

Details of the Employer

Name: Advocate Satyendra Agrawal (B.Com (H), DEIM, DPRM, PGDHR, LLB, LLM)

Address: Bar Association Room No. 2, Calcutta High Court. 

Chamber: At ‘Fortune Tower’, 23A Netaji Subhas Road, 10th floor, Suite No.9, Kolkata – 700001, (West Bengal).  


Phone No. –  (033) 22300785, 09433020160. 

Duration of Internship

1st November, 2019 to 15th December 2019 (45 days). 

Application Procedure  

Firstly, I had a phone conversation with sir, after which he gave me a date to meet him for an interview and to get an understanding of his work at the High Court, so that I get aware of the work and responsibilities that I would be assigned. He also deals with the cases of Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) Kolkata Region, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), etc. 

Major Roles and Responsibilities

A major part of my work was observing the court hearings, making notes and finding similar judgments relating to the issue. At times, I was given drafting work which helped me in understanding the process and getting a command over drafting. Apart from this, I also assisted sir with the ongoing work. The knowledge I gained during the internship will definitely help me in enhancing my analytical skills and research skills in future. I have learnt about the functioning of AFT, NCLT and the Calcutta High Court. 

Working Environment 

There was nothing as such negative in the working environment. Whenever I used to face any difficulty while doing a task, sir always helped me out. I have built new connections and contacts with other respected senior advocates too. As the work place was same, I also got the opportunity to understand the working of different tribunals which enhanced my knowledge. In order to get an understanding of various courts/tribunals, one needs to do different internships, but I was lucky enough to learn about different courts in a single internship. 


No stipend was provided during this internship.

Overall Experience  

It was a great experience working with such a knowledgeable person. Not only he taught me about laws but the basic moral things about life too. Even on sundays, I preferred to go to his chamber so that I understood everything in a good manner. His chamber was full of briefs of different matters of different laws. Many times I use to read the case briefs to understand a particular law and get the basic information about it.

Places to chill 

Calcutta High Court is surrounded by places to chill where you can get delicious food, starting from morning breakfast to evening snacks. Apart from that after your work you can have visits to places like Princep Ghat, Babu Ghat, B.B.D. Bagh etc. 

Internship Experiences

Internship Experience at Thakur & Thakur Associates, Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Details of the Student

Name: Sonia Jain

College: Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies

Year: 3rd year of BA LLB

Details of the Organisation

Thakur & Thakur Associates.

2/6, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 

Contact No. 0771-2423671

Duration of Internship

20th January 2020-10th February 2020

Timings: 11 AM to 6 PM

Application Procedure

I had applied for the internship by sending an application via email at My application included my curriculum vitae and a cover letter. In the CV, I had mentioned my details, my qualifications, internship experiences and also my participation and skills to add more value to my CV. One can also contact them on the above-mentioned contact number.

First day formalities

On my first day at internship, I was greeted by the HR. She briefed me about the association and the work that I would be supposed to do. Then I met Advocate Thakur Anand Mohan Singh, who welcomed me and asked me about my past working experiences and my area of interest in law. On the first day I was just supposed to observe the working of the office like their everyday diary and the lawyers working under Advocate Thakur. I even went to the family court with one of the lawyers on my very first day. My first day was a practical learning experience.  

Major Roles and Responsibilities

My roles and responsibilities mainly included research work. I was supposed to do research on landmark Supreme Court and High Court judgments related to the ongoing cases under the advocate. I researched on various cases relating to civil law, family law and criminal law. Mostly, I was supposed to research on family law cases. After researching on the judgments I was supposed to take the print out of the judgment and attach it in the file of the particular case.

Working Environment

The working environment was very positive as there was a healthy competition among the interns. Competition among the interns made the environment more exciting to work in. Even the lawyers and staff under the advocate were very helpful. All the interns helped each other throughout the internship. The advocate and the lawyers were all very supportive and were always looking forward to sharing their knowledge and experiences and guiding the interns about the field and study as much as possible.

Highlight of the internship

For me the highlight of the internship was the friendly environment. Everyone at the internship at some point made sure that the interns were comfortable throughout the internship tenure. We were always told that we were a part of the office team and treated accordingly.


No stipend was provided.

Overall Experience 

My overall experience was good, apart from research work, I also witnessed the court proceedings of the cases I researched for, so I got an insight of the whole case. I used to jot down all the points that were argued by the advocates from both the sides for future reference. I found the internship experience to be very enlightening, helpful and productive.

Any skills set an intern needs to possess before starting an internship 

Knowledge regarding the basic subjects of law would be helpful as it will help one in getting a more clear understanding. It will also help one in assisting the seniors efficiently.

Whether the firm provides extension or whether there is a policy of only one month internship 

The firm may extend the internship depending on the performance of the intern, if they feel that the intern is hardworking. There is no strict policy regarding the tenure of the internship.

Suggestions for accommodation 

As I live in Raipur I did not require accommodation but the ones coming from outside can find a PG within 1km radius of the office. There are many places to eat and chill within 500m radius of the office. 

Centre for Youth and Social Development
Internship Experiences

Internship Experience at Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD) – Legal Research, Drafting and MORE!

Details of the Student

Name: Anonymous

College: National Law University, Odisha

Year of Study: 1st Year

Details of the Organization

Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD)

Address: E-1, Institutional Area, Gangadhar Meher Marg, Bhubaneswar-751013

Phone: (0674) 2301777 / 2301725

Email: /

Duration of Internship

1 month – (June 2019)

Application Procedure

CYSD (Centre for Youth and Social Development) is an NGO based in Bhubaneswar, India. 

The applicant is required to send some documents including the curriculum vitae to the email id provided on their website. The details regarding their internship programme can be found here. The details are modified frequently, but are updated on the website. Furthermore, the intern has to fill the online internship application form. The intern may be required to appear for an interview after the scrutiny of the documents, during this the applicants are alloted a certain team/group/area they want to work under. There are direct volunteer roles, research roles and other roles in the organisation. The details are available on their website, including the time period for the internship programme.

First Day, Introduction and Workspace

On the first day of the internship I experienced the group dynamics in the organisation. Initially, we had a session before the internship period for accessing the various facilities of CYSD and also to get acclimatised to the work environment and different teams (I had not attended this session due to some engagement). The workplace was comforting in the sense that the entire team at CYSD was very cooperative and I was under excellent guidance during the entire internship. I was a part of the OBAC (Odisha Budget and Accounting) unit at CYSD, on the first day I was introduced to all the members of the team. Overall, my first impression of CYSD was very good.

Major Roles and Responsibilities

My role as an intern in this organisation was conducting research activities, drafting and other necessary tasks in coordination with the ongoing work of the mentor I was interning under.

As a part of the OBAC unit, I gained knowledge about the various facets of the budget of Odisha, which enabled me to research on many areas which I wasn’t unaware of. These included gender budgeting in the state, rainfed agriculture budgets, and other very niche and important fields in the purview of the State. My tasks included formulating drafts and finding relevant data for the ongoing projects and reports being drawn up. All in all, it was a very enriching experience where I learned to analyse the budget, draw conclusions and summaries as required for the reports. The knowledge that I gained during the internship will definitely help me in analysis and research work in future. 

The internship also included participation for events organised by the OBAC. I attended an event at the Press Club in Bhubaneswar towards the end of my internship. 

Overall Experience

There are various takeaways I have from this internship. 


  • Detailed research and analysis work was allotted, thereby enabling a better understanding of various areas of research. 
  • The mentors and team members, including other interns were very cooperative and were conducive to a great experience of collaborative learning and progress.
  • There was constant monitoring of work by the mentor, which helped me in knowing and rectifying my mistakes, there was also good rapport in terms of guidance.
  • The application process was streamlined and the roles were properly defined.


  • There was nothing as such bad in the internship.


There was no stipend provided for the internship. However, as mentioned on the website, travel expenses and accommodation for outstation participants may be allowed. 

Accommodation / Office Location

I am a resident of Bhubaneswar and therefore I didn’t require accommodation. The office is located besides the ASI office, behind Sandy Tower in Bhubaneswar. 

Internship Experiences

Internship Experience at NALCO: Case Research, Arbitration Research and Final Report

Details of the Student

Name: Anonymous

College: National Law University, Odisha

Year of Study (During Internship): 2nd Year

Details of the Organization

NALCO Corporate Bhawan

Address: Nalco Bhavan, P/1, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751013

Phone: (0674) 2301777 / 2301725

NALCO HRD Centre of Excellence

Address: Nalco Nagar Rd, NALCO Nagar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751023

Duration of Internship

December, 2019. 

Application Procedure

National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) is a Navratna CPSE, with its Headquarters in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 

The applicant is required to send some documents including the curriculum vitae to the concerned contact person at the NALCO HRD Centre of Excellence. 

The NALCO HRD Centre of Excellence is geared towards providing opportunities for the interns to complete their internships under a Government PSU. There are various requirements which are to be fulfilled, including a letter of recommendation from the institute and having prior experience in the department of the organisation you are applying to intern under, be it law, engineering or the other departments. 

On confirmation of internship application and completion of relevant procedures at the HRD Centre of Excellence, the applicant is allotted a mentor/manager to work under for the duration of the internship. 

NALCO’s website can be accessed here

First Day, Introductions and Workspace

On the first day of internship, there was a bit of a mix up which had me shuffle between two locations. The HRD Centre of Excellence is located at a distance from the Corporate Bhawan of NALCO. Interns are required to go to the HRD Centre of Excellence to get their offer letter, and permissions to work in the specified department post the submission of documents and the application form. Once this process is completed at the HRD Centre, the interns are given a brief overview of the requirement of the submission of a final report for the completion of internship. As I was interning under the law department, I directly went to Corporate Bhawan post completion of the formalities to report to my manager. Corporate Bhawan in Bhubaneswar has its own law department. The team there was very friendly and helpful including all the support staff of the office. The workspace was conducive and good for us interns to work in. 

Main Tasks

In the legal department at NALCO, there were various case matters and proceedings which were ongoing, including arbitration matters. Furthermore, the interns were required to research on various topics which were allotted by the team. The interns are supposed to research on the given topics in detail, prepare short summaries and submit them within a given time period.

During the internship, I was introduced to the case systems and arbitration mechanisms as I was not fully acquainted with the practical aspects of the same. This enabled me to know more about litigation and arbitration. Furthermore, through previously concluded cases and arbitration matters, I could learn more about how arbitration matters are drafted and carried on, as well as, how court submissions are made. 

Overall, the entire experience during the internship was enriching. Working in a PSU was one of the aspects I wanted to cover through this internship, I got to know more about the system and functioning of legal departments in these offices, including the kind of work carried out. 

For the successful completion of the internship, interns are required to submit a final report on a particular topic. I tried to study Intellectual Property Rights in relation to mining operations while preparing my report. That itself was a huge learning experience for me. 

Take Away

Key takeaways from the internship are as follows:


  • We were provided regular and diverse research work, this helped me in gaining a better understanding of various topics. 
  • The mentors in the team were very helpful and provided guidance throughout the internship. 
  • The work atmosphere, the support staff and the entire team were conducive, and provided for a fruitful and productive month of internship at the organisation. 


  • There was nothing as such in the internship which was bad or required to be changed.


The internship at NALCO did not carry a stipend with it. A certificate was provided to the interns at the end of the internship.

Accommodation / Office Location

I am a resident of Bhubaneswar, therefore, I didn’t require accommodation. The office is located near Sandy Tower in Bhubaneswar.

Singhania & Partners LLP, New Delhi
Internship Experiences

Internship Experience at Singhania & Partners LLP, New Delhi

Name, College & Year: Ayushi Mishra; Symbiosis Law School, Noida; 4th Year Student (5-year course of B.B.A. LL.B.) 

Name & Address of the organisation: Singhania & Partners LLP

P-24 Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110016, India

Duration: 2nd January 2020 – 30th January 2020

Application of procedure: 

I applied for the internship by sending an application to . I applied well before 1.5 months. Their office is generally filled with interns and there is hardly any vacancy. They usually have internships lined up for 2 months. 

A properly drafted application and CV with brief facts about your personal details, past experiences, accomplishments, duration required and describing your suitability need to be sent to the HR.  Regular follow-ups need to be conducted to ensure that the HR has taken your application into consideration. 

First Day Formalities:    

On my first day, around 20 interns joined the office. We were asked to sit in the conference room at the top floor. After a few minutes, the HR came and briefed us about the office timings, reporting time and the legal teams in the firm. You are free to choose the team you wish to work with. I worked with the Litigation and Arbitration team. Other departments like Mergers and Acquisitions, IPR, General Corporate, Tax, etc can also be found.

After the briefings, we were given a diary and pen from the office. Our laptops were connected to the office internet system and we were given our outlook accounts which were to be used for official works. We were then introduced to the associates and partners. 

Major Roles and Responsibilities:

My work majorly comprised of legal research, briefing the associates about the case files, making documents, and visiting courts. The legal research included various acts like CPC, IPC, Consumer Protection, Arbitration and Conciliation, Contract Act, Transfer of Property Act, etc. This helped me in studying about different provisions of the Acts in the span of one month and in gaining a lot of practical knowledge.

On our court visits we observed court proceedings and then go back to chamber of Singhania and Partners LLP in the court premises where we used to have discussions and interactions on our cases, recent news, etc. Later, we would go to canteen where the associates would treat us. 

The timings of the office were from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Except the first Saturday of the month, rest all Saturdays were off.

Work Environment:

The firm maintains a balance by having warm and helpful seniors. The partners and associates were very patient with the interns and immensely supportive. They were genuinely interested in interacting with the interns and always made sure that the interns are given adequate work. 

The office is fairly organised and well kept. We would get coffee/tea and cookies in the morning and evening. The helping staff was too sweet and fun to interact with. 

Highlights of the Internship:

The friendly and amicable attitude of the associates was definitely a highlight for me. The associates would treat us at times and always ensured that the interns felt comfortable. They were also extremely communicative in terms of the work they gave us.

Any Drawbacks:

There were no drawbacks in the entire experience per say. However, my personal travel time was a lot because I would have to travel from Noida to Green park.


There is no stipend for a one-month internship in this firm. But they do give ₹10,000 in long-term and assessment internships

Overall Experience

I learned a lot in this internship and got the opportunity to work in diverse laws. I was always busy with some work in the office which kept me productive throughout the internship.

GC Garg & Associates, Jaipur
Internship Experiences

Internship experience at G. C. Garg & Associates, Jaipur

Name, College, Year of study of the student intern: Riya Saxena, Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies, Bengaluru, 3rd year (5-year integrated law)

Name of the Organization: G.C. Garg & Associates, 
D-105, Lal Kothi Marg, Bapu Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Duration of internship: 16th January 2020- 8th February 2020

Office hours: 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. with only Sundays off.

Application procedure:

You can apply by sending a cover letter and resume on the Email ID:

Phone number: +91-1412707367

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression:

On the first day of my internship, I reached before time and waited for Sir to come. I was welcomed and addressed by Advocate Alok Garg, Managing Partner at G.C Garg & Associates. He is known practicing lawyer at the High Court, Rajasthan as well as in Debt Recovery Tribunal, Jaipur. Thereafter, he asked me about my areas of interest and my previous internships. He then asked me to go through the Commercial Courts Act and make a report on it. He also gave a brief about the same. 

The formal introduction with all the associates and clerks takes place during lunch where everyone in the chamber eats together. My first experience was positive.

Major roles and responsibilities:

I was required to assist on the on-going cases. I was expected to do research from various sources. I was also asked to make case notes, attend proceedings in High Court, Jaipur as well as in Debt Recovery Tribunal, Jaipur according to their listing of matters. The research topics ranged from Corporate and Constitutional Laws, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws to even Family laws. Research, attending Court Proceedings and Drafting Work was the major work allotted.

Working Environment:

The work environment is quite strict. The associates as well as the interns were not allowed to use their phones during the working hours. You can take only one break for lunch of 30-35 minutes. 

The office is located very near to the High Court, Jaipur. The chamber has a good infrastructure with an impressive library. Access to SCC and Manupatra and other assistance to make your research effective and efficient is also provided.

The associates, clerks and everyone present was very co-operative. Everyone was very professional, and disciplined.

Highlight of the internship:

From witnessing Sir arguing in the Court to working with him on cases, the whole experience was very enlightening. Alok sir also makes sure that appreciation is given when earned. Appreciation from someone of his stature means a lot. The dedication and discipline Sir worked with had inspired me from day one.

Bad things:

The internship is not an easy one especially for someone who likes to work in a relaxed atmosphere. The strictness with respect to time had to be always kept in mind.

Overall experience:

My overall experience was very good. Apart from the many things useful for my legal profession, I have learnt the importance of time management and a disciplined way of life. I definitely recommend this internship to all the future lawyers who are willing to challenge themselves to learn new things and follow a strict routine throughout the week. The assistance and experience given by Sir himself was commendable. He was always willing to solve all my doubts and helped me to create a different perspective to look at things from. 


No stipend.

Suggestions for accommodation and places to chill nearby:

The chamber is situated in Lal Kothi, where one can easily find PGs and rooms on rent. There are number of coaching centers present in the area due to which the availability of accommodation is not a problem. There are various food joints at about 700 meters from the office. One can also find quite a number of cafes, restaurants, dining places nearby.

Any prospect for Pre-Placement offers or P.P.O.:

Though this internship is worth an experience, one should not have high expectation with respect to pre-placement offer. 

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