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How To?

How to efficiently Work from Home?

This article deals with how to work from home in a efficient manner. It is possible only when you are aware of it’s proper techniques, knowing its merits and de-merits to make most out of it.

By: Anshul Kukudkar, 1st year LL.B, ILS Law College, Pune

It seems like the impact of COVID-19 has made us assimilate to this mechanism to work from home. But this has been coming down since years; it was especially recognized in the corporate sector then. There was an understanding that people having 9:00 am to 6:00 pm job usually have a routine like this.

But now the times have changed, where home is the new office and slowly everybody is adapting to this kind of way of life.

A. First things first:

Some might think that he/she can work from home with the help of a mobile phone. Sure you can do that. But you are only half the way. You necessarily require a Personal Computer or a Laptop, with  internet connectivity for which now your cell phone can be handy.

B. Make a Timetable:

I have heard somebody say that;

“Life is too unpredictable to live by a schedule”

However if you want at least some peace in life, there is no other substitute for a timetable, while leading a life, because small things matter. When going to sleep laying at bed, think of the work to be done for tomorrow. Try to make a list in the head (not mandatory). The next day when you finish your office and if have some work, needed to be done at home due to paucity of time bring it home without any hesitation.

Always follow deadlines, to create punctuality and the sense of responsibility within yourself. This will also decrease work load and increase productivity. Thus, you will be able to complete more tasks in less amount of time and will get leisure to deal with other matters.

C. Choose your workspace:

To increase your efficiency in the work, try to find a ventilated place with enough space within the house it might be by your balcony or somewhere else away from the disturbances, where you can concentrate more. Never put your laptop on your lap and work. It is recommended to use a table and a chair so that you can sit straight and maintain a posture.

  1. Always keep appropriate distance and the level between your eyes and computer screen.
  2. Do not sit cross-legged.
  3. Do not sit continuously at one place for a long time.

D. Cleanliness around you:

Cleanliness around you is must wherever you work. Be it office or home, always check whether the area is clean, bits of paper are dumped into dustbin or not.
Also, leave the habit of eating before computer. Having snacks or a sip of coffee at your working table. It affects the machine and mind as well indirectly. You might feel drowsy after some time.

E. Pros and Cons:

As a coin always has two sides, this is applicable to almost every material and aspects which are not objectified in life. If you use anything more than what is necessary, not only the machines but, for ex. If you watch TV for 8 hours a day you are going to pay for your eyes. Similarly, often limit your needs. With many advantages, working from home has some disadvantages too. Working from home has not remained easy and safe these days as the risk of getting cyber attacks have increased especially in this period of lockdown your device is heavily prone to the threats of getting hacked or other illegal activities.

So before you start working, you need to be somewhat Computer-friendly, know the basics of handling computer. Ensure that your PC or laptop is enabled with all anti-virus softwares etc. Make an economic use of MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, Outlook and others. In addition to this, take care while browsing the internet for gathering information.

F. Taking A Break:

Taking a break at work times is must. Do things you like, such as listen songs, watch a movie. There should always be a rest day other than Sunday in a week. Go for a walk with friends, trekking once in a while would also benefit. Communicate more, eat favorite food, homemade dishes, reasonable fruits, drink a lot of water, burn calories which you have gained.

This will aid boost energy and you will feel refreshed and  lively. Also, spend some time with your pets if you have one, read good books, quotes etc. This will end your day perfectly and will give you motivation for the upcoming day.


To end with, I would say in order to make work from home efficient, you should always keep the given things in mind and follow accordingly. Give it a try.

All the best!

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