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Best Legal Applications for Lawyers and Law Students

In our day to day lives as legal professionals and law students, our career demands us to stay up-to-date with our concepts and the latest happenings in our profession and also to brush up on other topics in case we were not clear enough on them. A very convenient and handy solution to this problem is to equip ourselves with tools that will help us aptly even at short notice, and one such solution is using mobile applications tailored for the legal field. This article aims to acclimatize readers with the best and the most helpful applications used by us. The list is not exhaustive but indicative and to give the reader a brief idea about the various categories of such apps and the absolute must-haves.

By : Aditya Kumar Singh


Bar and Bench

Starting with the most preeminent application, Bar and Bench is the most popular legal application which serves as a database for anything and everything connected to the world of law through legal news articles. This application is leading in its field and hardly needs to be fact-checked. There are various content options to choose from. These range from legal news to interviews with the most successful people in the field.
This application comes with a state of the art user interface and has a menu bar at the top to ease segregation of content. It not only helps with legal knowledge but also has an option for the apprenticeship lawyer for those who are starting out into the field. Other options include ‘Deal sheet’ which is the one-stop destination for the legal aspects in major transactions, investments and fundraising. Another option in the menu, ‘ Viewpoint’, is great for understanding the current legal positioning of the law over crucial issues in contemporary times. The articles in this section are from associates and partners of well-known law firms that comment over a variety of legal issues, amendments and Judgements.


Live Law

Live Law is a comprehensive Legal News Portal covering Indian Courts, Judgments, Lawyers, Law Firms, Law Schools and Legal Developments In India. That said, it has a user interface which is slightly more enhanced from the Bar and Bench app and has to provide a little more options in the content than the Bar and Bench app. The home page covers articles that are trending in the field of law, and apart from this, it also has News Updates with the latest articles on legal happenings in India. It has a ‘Know the Law’ section for laymen in the field with the goal to help understand the legal duties and the rights of a person by legal analysis of day to day happenings.


Lawyer Diary

This Application is specifically for the use of Lawyers and might not help Law Students as much. It ventures to be a personally customized schedule for the legal practitioners. It has a very simple user interface and does not use up a lot of space on your smartphone. The basic layout upon launching the app is a calendar where you can select a date and add cases with comprehensive details ranging from the case title and party name to the adverse party advocate name, contact details of your client. You can choose when to remind you of the particular case. This app is widely in use amongt advocates to make a hassle-free electronic reminding system of their cases lest they miss out a date. A similar application is ‘Supreme Court of India’, specifically for the lawyers practising at the Apex court of the nation.


Lawyers Club India

This app is popularly referred to as the ‘Social Media of Lawyers’ as this helps people to put down their legal queries and legal documents to get answers from legal practitioners. This application also provides for articles related to the current happenings in the legal world, however they are not a match with the ones uploaded on Live Law and Bar and Bench in terms of quality.


Online RTI

Every Lawyer, and even a Law Student in some cases, needs to file an RTI report sooner or later in their careers. This application eases that process by helping the user file the RTI online thus making the process very convenient and easy. As per the app description, once the details are entered in the app, it is directed to a group of lawyers who scrutinize it and draft it according to the RTI norms. This draft is then sent back to the user for approval, which is followed by the rest of the procedure. One of the primary advantages of the app is that it allows the user to track the status of the application through the Android devices itself.


Legal Dictionary By Farlex

This is more portable than a pocket-size dictionary and has a very rich and varied collection of English legal words, as well as some cases that have turned into commonly used terms, with their meanings. The Dictionary is equipped with an online database and gives you suggestions and instant search results.


Latest Laws

This is another very practical Legal application and is advisable for all lawyers and law students. Latest Laws has an online database and a user-friendly interface and provides almost all the Bare Acts that are relevant in the present-day Indian Legal scenario. What gives this app the edge over others is that it updates the bare acts according to the latest amendments and even provides the user with a plethora of State Acts that conveniently segregated. Another useful feature is the legal news section that provides the user with current legal happenings segregated according to fields like- Intellectual Property law, International Law etc.. The app provides the feature of Court calendars for practitioners and Campus Buzz for students to keep them posted with the happenings in law schools at a national level.

Top 10 Productivity and Skill Development Applications for Law Students and Lawyers
Professional Guidance

Top 10 Productivity and Skill Development Applications for Law Students and Lawyers

Skill development is a very essential part of one’s life. Having a unique and useful permutation of different skills is what gives one an edge over others. Skill development is also the most productive and wise method of time utilization. At times, we all are very occupied with our primary work to concentrate on the development of other additional skills. 
So, here I bring to you the Top 10 Applications which could help one to improve, develop, and excel in less than ten minutes, if used daily. Most of these applications are free of cost and tackle different areas of productivity from knowledge enhancement, language improvement to even ensuring that you adhere to a daily routine.  

By: Anjali Singhvi

1. The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary

At any point, we all need to brush up our vocabulary and it is pertinent to know and enhance our diction. Good vocabulary puts forward a good impression, and learning words daily is the best way to improve learning capacity and enhancing memory along with understanding usage. This GRE app asks the user to revise all the words learned previously before moving forward. GRE word list is the basic word list that one must know and could be used in daily lives. As you move forward the level of words also starts increasing resulting in better results. 

Cover art
The Economist GRE Daily Vocabulary


2. AnyBooks

Reading is essential but not all of us have access to all the books we plan on reading. This has become particularly difficult with the closing of shops and online delivery systems amid the Covid-19 outbreak. This application is a solution to the problem. One can download a variety of books on this app and even enjoy it while one is offline. The application puts forward clear demarcations on the different genres of books. It makes reading before one sleeps, easy and enjoyable. The app requires a payment of Rs. 620 for downloading, however no addictional payment is required afterwards, while the user is able to access millions of books.

Cover art


3. Cure Fit

Staying fit is essential for mental health and overall productivity. To kick down your laziness, the best way is to find a mentor for yourself, who can keep check of your sleep and eating habits along with workout sessions. This application proves to fulfil all the requirements one required, let it be mentoring or simply help follow a routine and discipline our lives. 

Cover art
Cure Fit


4. Bar & Bench

Lawyers are known for their deep understanding and vast knowledge. Having updated legal knowledge and being aware of latest precedents is vital. This application helps one to know the recent amendments and orders passed, judgments and opinions. Reading material here gives a person edge over others. The information is authentic and the opinions of various acclaimed professionals of the legal fraternity can also be found here. 

Cover art
Bar and Bench


5. Phrasal Verbs

Not only words but a law student or professional must know how to convey their intention with the use of fewer words. What’s a better thing other than using phrases? Since the oldest of times, phrases have been a mark of good usage and help one to project a well-read image. 

This app helps the user to know and be aware of different phrases along with giving examples so to help in understanding and facilitating in its application.

Cover art
Phrasal Verbs


6. Haiku JAM

A person must have the skill to express with few words. The profession of law requires a certain knack for wordplay. This application helps you write on different topics and assist you to connect with new individuals, intellects, and opinions. The formation of bonding over words happen here. The app has been found to be particularly helpful for enhancing creativity and taking care of one’s mental health.

Cover art


7. TEDx

Knowing oneself and being motivated is important for one’s growth and success. This application provides various persons sharing their experience and perspectives in a range of subjects. The collections of talks can help inspire you, enhance your knowledge and also help you learn from the achievements and experiences of these speakers.

Cover art


8. World Map Quiz

Knowing different countries and their location can be fun at times. We all plan to travel know different countries and but do we enough about these countries? So here is this application which helps you locate different countries along with helping you trigger your memory. As a law student, letting your brain exercise is important to sharpen its faculties and letting it work for longer hours. This application helps one locate the countries and give an out of box activity to our daily routines.

Cover art
World Map Quiz


9. Duolingo

Knowing languages always adds to your CV. It always gives a person an edge over other candidates. Learning languages in itself is fun and helpful. It gives the person the confidence of doing something out of the box and something which adds to the personality. The feeling and vibe of knowing different languages give a person inherent confidence. This application helps one learn different languages. Communicating and learning a new way of expression always enhance your understanding and approach towards life and different things. 

Cover art


10. Smart Puzzles Collection

Solving puzzles and exercising your brain is always important. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This application gives you easy puzzles which helps one to refresh from his/her normal mainstream work that might mundane at times and helps activate his/her mind for better results. Scientifically, puzzles have always proved helpful and result in enhancing IQ and grasping power.

Cover art
Smart Puzzles Collection


Professional Guidance

The Best Motivational Speakers that can inspire you to work better today

Motivation is an indispensable part of one’s professional life. At times, we wonder what will give us enough motivation for starting our work with undisturbed dedication and concentration. Finding the requisite motivation ensures that we do not stop before achieving what we had set out for ourselves. Sometimes, it’s the lessons that we learn from our lives which give us the motivation or the strength to work, sometimes it’s innate will, but many a times it’s simply someone’s spoken words that give us the motivation to start and make the first move. 

The article lists certain motivational speakers that take note of the problems that are frequently faced by students these days and also offer all the possible solutions to it. They also bring to light the correct approach that ought to be followed for any particular task. 

A. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is an American motivational speaker and is also a popular face on YouTube. He was born in Chicago and raised in Michigan. He was a homeless child who had to live on the streets for almost two years when he was brought up by a preacher who inspired him to complete his education. Thomas, in his speeches and talks, shows through his personal experiences, how even with limited resources a person can learn so much. He focuses on telling people about the value of resources rather than their quantity and how important hard-work is for anybody’s success story. 

His works include ‘The secret to success’ which is widely recognised as one of the best motivational books. His videos can be found on his official YouTube Channel. His website also provides many of his videos and podcasts

B. Tony Robins 

Tony Robins, apart from being an author, public speaker, life coach and philanthropist, is also a renowned motivational speaker. His seminars, infomercials and self-help books have helped millions all over the world. He was born in California and he describes his home life as ‘chaotic’ and ‘abusive’. This made him leave his home when he was just seventeen years old. He did not go to college and instead worked as a janitor. He is not just a motivational speaker but also possesses good knowledge about business because of which he was named one of the ‘Top 50 Business Intellectuals’ by Accenture. He focuses and speaks about the various needs of humans and what influences them and how they to make decisions. He also focuses on achieving ’emotional mastery’. 

He philosophy can be summarized through his quote: “one reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” His TED Talk named “Why We Do What We Do” on YouTube is one of his many impactful and inspirational speeches

C. Les Brown

Les Brown, besides being a motivational speaker, is also a former radio DJ and a television host. His talks are attended my millions of people all around the world keeping the mind his personal struggle and experiences that he had faced since his school. In school, he was declared as mentally challenged, which damaged his self-esteem and confidence. In his talks he often uses the catch phrase “it’s possible” to encourage people to follow their dreams. His acclaimed speech based on this catch phrase that talks about how people can achieve their dreams can be found on YouTube

D. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well known as the world-famous professional bodybuilding champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger also carries a very inspirational story along with it. He was a self-made man and this journey made him recognise all the struggles in his life that he had to face to achieve what he has. He uses his struggles as an example to inspire people and motivate them to work harder and never stop till the time they have reached their goal. Being a part of the politics, an actor, an author and a filmmaker as well, gives him varied experiences. These experiences have led him to identify the important lessons of life that can help each and every individual struggling to make a career. His most popular speech named “The Speech that Broke the Internet” where he talks about how one can accomplish their goals can be found on YouTube.

E. Brian Tracy

He is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is also a well-known counsellor who has been appointed by highly recognized people to help them with their problems. His knowledge about market and business make him a man of words and his counsel has helped a range of individuals. His talk on the importance of completing individual tasks and top ten rules for success can be found on YouTube.

Online Courses
Professional Guidance

Best Online Courses for Law Students and Lawyers

The legal world constantly prompts one to enhance their knowledge. A law student or even a lawyer is modelled to consistently look for ways to add onto their knowledge as well as their resume. With the outside world being inaccessible and people being restricted to online mediums for such additions to their resumes, the CuriousForLaw Team decided to put together a list of the best online courses that Law Students, as well as Lawyers, can opt for during the time of a Lockdown. Online Courses with certification from authoritative sites can expose you to learnings from some of the best universities around the world and also look good on your resume. 

A. edX– edX is a learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard. The platform provides a range of courses from universities like Harvard, MIT, University of California, University of Texas, Boston University and many more. A number of courses like International law, human rights, property rights, criminal law, contract law etc can be opted for law students as well as lawyers. 

Popular Courses: Contract law, International Investment law, The Psychology of Criminal Justice 

Cost: The courses are provided free of cost however they may charge for the certificate. You can enroll in the courses anytime and can access it anytime from anywhere. 


B. Coursera- This is another learning platform for students that provides around 3800 online courses from the top universities of the world. The platform is especially convenient to use because of the pre-recorded lectures which can be accessed anytime. Assignments, quizzes and exams are also conducted for better learning and one has to take the exam in order to be eligible for the certificate. 

Popular Courses: Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases, Financial Markets, Environmental Law and Policy, International Tax Law etc. 

Cost: They charge for the certificate. However, if one cannot afford them, they also provide for financial aid or scholarship.


C. Udemy- the platform ensures learning from the top instructors of the field. An attractive aspect of the site is that it does not restrict one to a specific time frame by proving lifelong access to courses.

Popular Courses: The law of Tots Made Simple, Constitutional law, the legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace, Corporate and Business laws etc.

Cost: Courses are not for free however the prices are very reasonable starting at simply Rs. 420. 


D. Indian Academy of law and Management– the website offers a range of online skill development law courses. This site can help one enhance their legal skills. It is not simply informative but also some courses are quite practical for law students.

Popular Courses: Drafting Legal Pleadings for Indian Courts, Master Certification on Corporate Contracts, Master Certification in filling and obtaining Trademarks etc.

Cost: The cost of the certificate courses for freshers may be a bit expensive. 


E. Enhelion– the platform aims at providing practical legal knowledge in India. The journey of this organization started with only 2 online diploma courses and 4 certificate courses on Intellectual property but now has more than 200 online certificate courses and has collaborated with 40 law firms. The courses have user friendly interface. Along with the module students also receive books. The assessment is done on the basis of the online assignments and the eligible students get certificate.

Popular Courses: International Trade Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Civil and Criminal Law in India etc.

Cost: The diploma and certificate courses are affordable. 


F. Lawskills- A popular amongst students, this is an initiative by Manupatra, one of the largest legal databases of India. It is a self- paced e-learning platform. It provides for 150+ Short term and certificate courses.  Along with English and Hindi the courses are also available in the regional languages such as Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Bengali which makes this different from other e-learning platforms. 

Popular Courses: Negotiation Skills, Introduction to Legal Writing, Introduction to Economic Offences and White Collar Crimes etc. 

Cost: available at affordable prices and some free courses are also available.


G. LawSikho- This platform is one of the leading legal e-learning platforms of India. They provide diploma and certificate courses. They also provide customized training programs for lawyers. Also prepare the aspirants for the judiciary and law entrance exams.  They provide diploma courses, Executive certificate courses, certificate courses, Bootcamp and Test Preparations.  

Popular Courses: Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws, Certificate Course in Arbitration: Strategy, Procedure and Drafting, Certificate Course in Companies Act etc. 

Cost: The diploma courses are expensive. 


H. The lawlearners – This initiative is incubated by Gujarat National Law University and funded by the Gujarat Government. 

Popular Courses: Courses cover topics like Torts law, contract law, family law, constitutional law etc.

Cost: This platform provides free certificate courses at basic level and they charge minimum amount for advance level courses. 


I. myLaw- This platform provides certificate courses for law students as well as for law aspirants.

Popular Courses: Legal Research, Legal Writing, Introduction to Drafting, The Essentials of Procedure and Jurisdiction etc.

Cost: a few courses are for free and the rest at priced below Rs.500.


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